Byakkov (ビャッコフ, Byakkofu) is a White Tiger of Yatsudoki Circus.


When transformed, he has a human structure like Oogami and wears an old-style peasant's cap from the Imperial Russian era with stripes. He wears a jacket and gauntlets in the shape of his paws and stripes. He wears striped shorts and carries tonfas on the back of it. He also wears greaves that are also shaped like his paws and stripes.


Abilities and PowersEdit



Byakkov as he wields his tonfas.

  • Byakkov wields striped tonfas that he puts at the back of his pants.


  • Tigre Cheriss Grouch (虎式裏技(ティーグル・チェリス・グルーチ), literally meaning "Tiger Military Underhanded Trick"):He carries his opponent and uses one hand to slam his opponent's face into the ground. First used on Shishido.



  • His name comes from Byakko (白虎, びゃっこ) or White Tiger.


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