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The Rabbit, The Sea and the Way of Love

Chapter 5 Cover

Usagi to Umi to Koimoyou
Chapter 5
Volume Welcome to Oumagadoki
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Rabbit Goes to Town
The Rabbit and the King of the Beast



It is too hot to still work at the zoo so the Director comes up with an idea to go to the beach. When they are arrived at the beach they were been having a happy time, while then Kasai (Indian rhino), but after that Uwabami came in the water, he started to become shy and isn't able to speak any-more. Hana finds out that he likes Uwabami and sees that Uwabami has been trapped in the sea, in order to rescue her, Kasai has to swim to her, but Shiina overheard the conversation and decided to take on that race himself either.

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