Devilfish (デビルフィッシュ, Debirufisshu) is a common octopus and No. 7 of the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.



Devilfish appears very quiet and creepy, and has a tendency to stutter. It shows through his actions that he is very gleeful when sneaking up behind his enemy, as seen during his attack on Uwabami.





During his appearance in the fight, he showed much interest in Uwabami, almost to an obsession.

Abilities and PowersEdit

With his suckers, he can stick to the ceiling and climb on walls. He is able to adapt to his environment with camouflage. His liquid can paralyze his opponent's body. Also, his ink can shut down sense of sight and smell.



  • His name comes from the alternate name for an octopus, Devilfish.
Ushimitsudoki Aquarium
Director: Isana
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