Here is a list of Oumagadoki Zoo Chapters that are already and not yet in Tanköbon volumes. These have been published by Weekly Shonen Jump and it already counts 31 chapters.

Volume 01 - Current

Volumes and ChaptersEdit

# Release date ISBN
1 November 4, 2010 ISBN : ISBN 978-4-08-870131-8
Volume 1

Welcome to Oumagadoki
Cover characters : Shiina and Hana

Pages : 192
Chapters list :

2 December 29, 2010 ISBN : ISBN 978-4-08-870167-7
Volume 2

Welcome to Ushimitsudoki Aquarium
Cover characters : Shiina, Hana, Uwabami, Kasai, Chita, Oogami, Shishido and Sakamata
Pages : 192
Chapters list :

3 March 4, 2011 ISBN : ISBN 978-4-08-870195-0
Volume 3

Zoo vs. Aquarium, The Conclusion
Cover characters : Shiina, Isana, Tekka Maki, Sakamata, Dholak, Devilfish, Fuka, Ikkaku and Kaizou.
Pages : 192
Chapters list :

Yet to be PublishedEdit


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