Hanauwa Mukanai (鼻上向内 Mukanai Hanauwa) is the sponsor president of the Ushimi Construction Works. He's also the sponsor of the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.



He's a very free kind person which he makes too much worries for others. His son looks like him and mostly the hairstyle but not the nose. He is not that kind of a pressure president but a kind one that has a connection with the Ushimitsudoki Aquarium.



He has a unknown connection with him but it seems that he is his sponsor. He respects Isana very hardly and evenly calls him a funny person. On another way, Isana seems to use him for popularity.

Mukio HanauwaEdit

He's the father of Mukio. They really look like each other accept the nose.


Vs. Aquarium ArcEdit

He appeared on the VIP lounge were he took his cigarette. He then hears epic noises and ask Isana what it is. Isana is holding him back that it is nothing and Isana went gone. After that Isana appeared again he ask him if he had finished his business, which Isana goes away again and he ask him where he's going again, Isana answered that he is going off to his office.

Hanauwa Father and Son ArcEdit


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