Mukio Hanauwa (Hanauwa Mukio 鼻上向未) is the son of the rich president of the Ushimi Construction Work Mukanai Hanauwa. He has only a summer break project and has been fainting after seeing the Oumagadoki Zoo animals.




Mukanai HanauwaEdit


He was seeing crying about the summer break research project, which means to search for bugs. He has been crying because he's scared to walk alone in the forest. He heard something in the forest and has been thinking that it's a bear. He sees the animals from Oumagadoki and has fainted on the ground. He finished his project somehow and told the other people that there are rhinos and lions roaming in Japan, but they have been laughing about his story.

Visit to the ZooEdit

Later, he and his father visited the Oumagadoki Zoo.


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