Hello fellow editors,
We are starting this new page for all of you out there that believe you have worked hard and that think you have what it takes to become a sysop (administrator).


  • Being very active and contributing much to the Wiki
  • More than the actual edit count, edits to the main content of the Wikia rather than blogs and user page edits are accepted. To have your edits broken down, visit the Edit Count Page.
  • 2 nominations from other active contributors who will vouch for you
  • Acceptance by a bureaucrat, which can substitute as two nominations.

Below is a list for all of those who wish to ask to become an admin. Note that you will need two fellow editors to nominate you as well as vouch for you. If you wish to become an admin, please post your request below.

Not everyone will become an Admin. In order to keep order and balance in the wiki, we are not going to make everyone an admin; please understand this. Thank you and the best of luck to you all.

Requests for SysopsEdit

When a nomination is complete, send the section to the archives located here.

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